Time Line

  1. Hitos del 2011-2012

    March 2011

    First exploratory meeting between FARC and the Colombian government near the Venezuelan border. The meetings lasted a year and a half.

    August 26

    The Government and the FARC sign in Havana the so-called "Comprehensive Agreement for the End of the Conflict and the Construction of a Stable and Lasting Peace". The agenda established 6 points

    October 18

    The discussion table was set up in the city of Oslo, capital of the Kingdom of Norway.

    November 18

    Formal talks with FARC begin. Installation of the negotiation table in Havana

    November 19

    FARC announces its first unilateral ceasefire between November 20 and January 20, 2014.

  2. Hitos del 2013

    May 27

    Partial agreement on agricultural development is established

    August 23-26

    Temporary suspension of talks by FARC, following the government's proposal to endorse a final peace treaty with a referendum and not with a Constituent Assembly, as requested by FARC.

    November 6

    A partial agreement on the political participation of former guerrillas is established..

  3. Hitos del 2014

    May 16

    A partial agreement on a solution to the problem of illicit drugs is established

    June 15

    President Juan Manuel Santos is re-elected as president, which enables the peace negotiations to continue

    July 15

    Discussion begins on the issue of victims of the conflict with three sub-themes: reparation, truth and justice

    August 15

    The first of five groups of a dozen victims testifies to the Bureau.

    August 21

    Creation of the Historical Commission of the Conflict and its Victims.

    August 22

    Installation of a Subcommittee of military and guerrilla fighters for a bilateral ceasefire and the abandonment of weapons

    September 24

    The commissions make the 3 partial agreements public.

    October 21

    The Constitutional Court approves the referendum

    October 27

    President visits Europe to seek support for peace

    November 16-December 10

    Temporary suspension of talks after kidnapping of Army general, Rubén Dario Alzate, by FARC

    December 15

    The delegation of victims travels to Havana

    December 15

    FARC decrees an indefinite ceasefire

    December 20

    First unilateral and indefinite truce of the FARC begins.

  4. Hitos del 2015

    February 10

    The Historical Commission of the Conflict and its Victims delivers reports on the history and impact of the war

    February 12

    FARC renounces recruitment of children under the age of 17

    March 7

    Joint military/guerrilla demining agreement

    March 10

    President Juan Manuel Santos orders a month-long suspension of bombing of FARC

    April 15

    Death of 11 soldiers in FARC attack and subsequent resumption of air strikes by the government.

    May 22

    End of unilateral and indefinite truce by the FARC after the bombing of the government that leaves 26 guerrillas dead.

    June 5

    Creation of the Truth Commission

    June 24

    The peace delegations agree to form the commission for the clarification of truth, coexistence and non-repetition

    July 12

    President Juan Manuel Santos sets a deadline of four months to decide whether to continue with the peace process

    July 20

    New unilateral truce by FARC; five days later, President Juan Manuel Santos orders the suspension of bombings

    July 26

    Government suspends after bombings

    July 27

    The Legal Advisory Sub-Commission is created, composed of the Government and the FARC.

    August 13

    President proposes creation of a transitional legislative body for peace agreements

    August 15

    The least amount of violence recorded in the conflict since 1976

    September 11

    Partial agreement reached on transitional justice in Havana

    September 17

    FARC announce that they are ready to become a political movement

    October 18

    Delegations agree on the search for and identification of persons missing in the conflict

    November 22

    President grants pardon to 30 imprisoned guerrillas

    December 3

    Congress approves the bill that regulates the plebiscite as a mechanism to endorse the agreements

    December 7

    FARC apologize for the Bojayá massacre .

    December 15

    Partial agreement on victims reached

  5. Hitos del 2016

    January 19

    An announcement made about the creation of a tripartite mechanism for monitoring and verifying the bilateral and definitive ceasefire and the laying-down of arms. On January 25, the UN approved the political mission.

    March 2

    Government restructures protocols for visits of FARC peace delegation to camps

    March 10

    Congress approves the FARC's transitional zones

    March 23

    Failure to deliver the final agreement as stated above

    May 12

    Government and FARC agree on mechanisms to provide legal security and stability to the agreement

    May 15

    Agreement is reached on the disengagement of children under 15 from the FARC

    June 1

    Congress approves the Peace Legislative Act.

    June 10

    An agreement is reached to begin a process of voluntary substitution of illicit crops in the municipality of Briceño, Antioquia. This process stems from the joint work carried out with the community since mid-2015, within the framework of the pilot humanitarian demining plan.

    June 23

    The Government and FARC delegations signed the agreements of Ceasefire and Bilateral and Final Ceasefire and Hostilities, and the Abandonment of Arms and Security Guarantees in the Cuban capital.

    July 4

    Final ceasefire, transitional zones and disarmament process announced

    July 19

    The Constitutional Court gives its approval for the endorsing mechanism to be a plebiscite with a threshold of 13%.

    August 5

    Peace delegations release protocols detailing ceasefire and disarmament

    August 12

    Criteria and mechanisms for the election of JEP judges agreed upon

    August 24

    The parties signed a Final Agreement on Conflict Resolution and the Building of a Stable and Lasting Peace

    August 24

    The parties signed a Final Agreement on Conflict Resolution and the Building of a Stable and Lasting Peace.

    September 13

    FARC apologizes for the 11 deputies from Valle killed in 2007.

    September 17

    FARC gives its tenth conference to formalize the decision to lay down arms and become a political movement.

    September 21

    President Santos delivers the final agreement to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon

    Octubre 2

    Plebiscite was held. The result was the prevalence of NO over YES.

    October 7

    President Juan Manuel Santos wins the Nobel Prize for the peace process

    October 21

    The Ministry of Defense issues a decree on the 26 pre-grouping zones for the FARC.

    November 7

    UN launches ceasefire monitoring and verification mechanism in pre-grouping zones

    November 24

    President Santos and Timochenko sign in Bogotá the final agreement to end the armed conflict

    November 29

    Congress last endorses final peace agreement

    December 1

    D-Day begins to begin the demobilization of former combatants and their reintegration into civilian life.

  6. Hitos del 2016

    19 de Enero

    Se anunció la creación de un mecanismo tripartito de monitoreo y verificación del cese al fuego bilateral y definitivo y la dejación de armas.

    04 de Julio

    Se anuncia cese al fuego definitivo, zonas de concentración y proceso de desarme

    24 Agosto

    Las partes suscribieron un Acuerdo Final Para la Terminación del Conflicto y la Construcción de una Paz Estable y Duradera

    02 Octubre

    Se realizó un plebiscito. El resultado arrojó la prevalencia del NO sobre el SI.

    07 Octubre

    El presidente Juan Manuel Santos gana el Nobel por el proceso de paz

    24 Noviembre

    El presidente Santos y Timochenko firman en Bogotá el acuerdo definitivo para el fin del conflicto armado

    29 Noviembre

    El Congreso refrenda por última vez el Acuerdo final de Paz

    01 Diciembre

    Inicia el día D para comenzar la desmovilización de los ex combatientes y que se reintegren a la vida civil

  7. Hitos del 2017

    May 19

    The "Visa for foreigners of the FARC" is created.

    May 30

    The deadline for the delivery of FARC weapons is extended.

    June 8

    FARC makes first delivery of weapons to UN

    June 26

    The UN received all the FARC weapons agreed.

    July 1

    UN Endorses Second Peace Mission in Colombia

    July 4

    Selection process for JEP judges started

    August 15

    End of the laying down of arms, of the transitional zones and of the bilateral and definitive ceasefire.

    September 17

    Members of the Truth Commission with the FARC chosen

    October 9

    FARC registered their political party

    November 9

    The Truth Commission forms with 11 members

    November 14

    Supreme Court endorses JEP

  8. Hitos del 2018

    January 13

    UN Secretary-General visits Colombia

    February 22

    OAS announces support for the peace process

    March 1

    The Constitutional Court upholds the Amnesty Law

    Marzo 15

    The JEP is installed

    May 8

    The Truth Commission, presided over by Father Francisco de Roux, was installed.

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